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"An old garden has a new gardener, and the things that grow are glad to hear it."

Uncover a long forgotten garden, and help it grow anew to attract vegetable inhabitants and curious animal travelers.

A corner to call your own...

Carve a cozy nook in a large, randomly generated map. Collect a variety of furniture, seeds and soils. How you decide to grow your garden will decide who chooses to live there. Recruit your companions to construct larger projects that  help define your garden.

A world that grows and reacts to real-time...

As the months pass in the real world, years pass in the garden. Return each day to see new plants blooming, the seasons passing, and events take place.

Grow alongside your garden...

Gather, trade and run errands to be rewarded with rare tools and trinkets to equip. Unlock stars with the names of famous gardeners as you  play, and discover new costellations to cast special effects across your entire garden.

Uniquely realized world...

The Garden Path features rich, storybook illustrations to bring the world alive on screen, and two original soundtracks for both day and night time playing. Filled with bright and colourful characters, and thousands of lines of written dialogue, The Garden Path invites you welcomingly, and hopes that you'll stay a while.

Put on your gardening gloves this Winter, on Windows and Linux.

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Updated 11 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Sandbox, Singleplayer

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Your work is truly inspiring.  I'll keep an eye on updates


Are there any plans for a Mac version? I would definitely love to give it a go ;) 


There are plans for a Mac release, it may come later than Windows and Linux due to some additional testing required.


Thanks for the reply! (^~^)


I saw this on the Godot showreel. It reminds me of some really cozy book I read as kid. I look forward to playing it.


I just saw this in Godot Showreel 2019! I love the graphics and the concept. You are doing an amazing job! Keep it up.


I am intrigued cuz it's a non-violent game that looks cool! These screenshots remind me of the forest in Super Mario RPG with Geno. Maybe I'll check it out in 1-2 years

P.S. Godot's news page is how I found out about this game.


I'm a big fan! Alas, this game will be maze-free.

Glad to hear you're interested.


I only just heard about it and already I'm excited. Can't wait to see how this develops.

Hopefully you'llmake it available for Linux when the time comes, like your other games.


So glad to hear it! 

Linux support will absolutely be a top priority and, now that I've moved to Godot, working in Linux will be an important part of its development.