Update 'Carrot Flower' Released (0.6)

The new 'Carrot Flower' update is to help set-the-stage for content to come, with new categories of content and quality of life changes to better support future updates.

+ Weyley and Terracotta have joined the Garden. These travellers will sell furnishing which can be previewed around their caravan. Unlike other travellers, you will be notified what special item-type they are looking for before they arrive.
+ The Community Centre now supports bulletins and reports. Bulletins will be notifications for upcoming events (such as the arrival of Weyley and Terracotta), and the report feature lets you view the day's report after you've dismissed it.
+ Social tab has be overhauled. Character who reside in your Garden are listed separately, and those available to unlock have progress bars, and will be ordered according to how close you are to unlock them.
+ Residents Jamie and Leslie are now available to unlock.
+ The furniture tab of the Designer menu can now be used to place all furnishing in your inventory.
+ New 'cup' equipment slot.
+ 'Vessels' are now used to drink and brew tea, and hold multiple charges.
+ Item dye-colours are now displayed if relevant. Dyes are yet to implemented.

+ Locked residents will now visit the Garden if no resident has been unlocked that day.
+ Constellations are now always visible.
+ Names of unobserved stars are now always available (changed to make it easier for when a locked resident requires a certain star)
+ Star Maps are now used in the star menu, allowing you to observe specific stars, rather than a random star.
+ 'Large' Garden is now the default Garden size.
+ Residents will introduce the character to 'conkers' if they have not yet played.

Under the hood
+ Prop collision data is now streamed in, similar to how visuals were previously. This sharply reduces load times.
+ Acre 'packages' are now loaded as text rather than resources, sharply reducing load times when starting a new game and generating a new Garden.

Thanks as always for your continued support and reports.



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Version 0.6 Dec 07, 2022

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