Patch notes for 0.6.5

The Garden Path has been updated to 0.6.5. Below are notable changes since 0.6.4:


+Streamlined traveller mechanics - characters will now always visit for the whole day.
+Characters may announce if they are planning on visiting the next day.
+Scrollable interfaces now animate and have better logic.
+Journal pages are now readable on use of the item.


+Fixed a crash related to Poplar Saplings.
+Fixed obtained items losing unique data, such as stats (may have caused some items to become other items).
+Fixed character information sometimes combining (caused characters to give errands for other characters).
+Fixed a lock which prevented Weyley and Terracotta spawning.
+Fixed some bulletins not appearing on board.
+Fixed some bulletins not expiring.
+Fixed overflow not shrinking on close.
+Fixed not being able to move some items between whitelisted storage containers.
+Fixed stars not untracking themselves on completion.
+Fixed some characters missing their icons.
+Fixed crash when talking to some villagers for the first time.
+Fixed garden age double counting.
+Improved world streaming.
+Restored adding and fulfilling projects.

Thanks for all your reports, and endearing support.


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Version 0.6.5 Jan 20, 2023

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