Update 'Fiddlehead' Released (0.5)

Fiddlehead has landed! 0.5 is now ready for testing. A largely under-the-hood update, this version welcomes many of the changes introduced for the Steam Next Fest demo into the main game. This version has been in development alongside 0.6 which is targeted to be released later this month. Players are encouraged to help test for the future 0.6 version which will be going out to all backers.

+ New harvesting and interacting mechanic. Harvesting is now symbolic, the old tool button is now the 'focus' button, allowing you to cast an area or select a specific node for harvesting.
+ New look for the main menu, designed to eventually support a night mode.
+ 'Unify Move and UI' is now set to 'on' by default. Many new players found the split control system confusing, and so it's now available to toggle 'off' for those who wish to be able to move their character while using certain UI. 
Under the Hood
+ The game now runs under a player specific viewport to eventually allow splitscreen for a second player.
+ Much of the games data handling has been re-factored to assume the possibility of multiple players.
+ Much of the game's inputs have been rewritten to be polled per-player, eventually allowing a second device for a second player.
Thanks as always for your support and reports.


thegardenpath-win-linux.zip 540 MB
Version 0.5.0 Nov 02, 2022

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