Update 'Marigold' Released (0.4)

Marigold has landed! This is a feature update now available for testing. Please expect bugs and oddities with all new features as I continue to iron-out and polish the finer details.


+ Interim save backups, which will back up a limited number of saves when loading. 
+ New trading system. No more bars! Characters request items by their characteristics, and you can combo their requests. This new system aims to do away with guessing if a trade is valid, while keeping things flexible and currency-free.
+ Collect popsticks - new collectables for each of the different plants you'll find in the Garden.
+ New garden projects. Speak to Thom to recieve your first free project. Open a project and plan a space in the Garden, using the popsticks you've collected. The projects are automatically named.
+ The community centre is open! Found near the shrine in the starting acre, you can assign your projects to start work on them, and also use the compost bin. 
+ New character - Worm is a toad who will collect your compost at the end of the day and reward you popsticks for your efforts. The greater the variety, the rarer the popsticks you will obtain.
+ New 'just discovered' UI when receiving notification.

Under the Hood

+ As we prepare for the new world-streaming system, the way props are built and loaded has been rebuilt, while the vast majority of props have been tested, do report any oddities you note with certain props in the game world.

Thanks as always for your support and reports.



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